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Bert's Foreign Auto Service, Santa Ana CA, 92701, Auto Repair, BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, Lexus Repair and Mercedes-Benz Repair Bert's Foreign Auto Service, Santa Ana CA, 92701, Auto Repair, BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, Lexus Repair and Mercedes-Benz Repair Bert's Foreign Auto Service, Santa Ana CA, 92701, Auto Repair, BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, Lexus Repair and Mercedes-Benz Repair Bert's Foreign Auto Service, Santa Ana CA, 92701, Auto Repair, BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, Lexus Repair and Mercedes-Benz Repair Bert's Foreign Auto Service, Santa Ana CA, 92701, Auto Repair, BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, Lexus Repair and Mercedes-Benz Repair
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Bert's Foreign Auto Service, Santa Ana CA, 92701, Auto Repair, BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, Lexus Repair and Mercedes-Benz Repair
Ron Jakobs, 

Welcome to Bert's Foreign Auto Service in Santa Ana, 
your Premier Auto Repair and Service Shop

Bert's Foreign Auto Service is a full-service preventative maintenance and auto specialty shop that has been performing high quality, guaranteed auto repair in the Orange County area since 1962. Specializing in BMW, Mercedes Benz, & Jaguar service and repair, we also service and repair most other Asian, European and Domestic vehicles. Equipped with the latest and greatest in diagnostic technology and repair tools, we save you time and money while delivering only the highest quality auto service. At Bert's Foreign Auto Service, we emphasize dealership value at friendly prices.

With the top mechanic and technician talent in Santa Ana, each of our highly-trained European and Asian auto technicians are certified in all areas of auto repair. The European and Asian auto repair professionals of Bert's Foreign Auto Service have been recognized as the most reliable in Santa Ana since 1962.

With our expertise ranging from Mercedes-Benz Repair to BMW Repair, and Porsche Repair to Lexus Repair, the European and Asian auto repair professionals have you covered. Experience the advantages that an independently owned service center can offer you. Stop by our shop or give us a call today!

Certified for your benefit

Blue Seal ASE, Bert's Foreign Auto Service, Santa Ana, CA, 92701


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Mike M. on 10/31/2015:
"No BS mechanic
Great knowledge on how to repair without the $$$$$ and b.s.,

William H. , whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 11/11/2013:
"My front headlight was out and the Irvine BMW service department quoted $750 to fix it. I brought it in to Bert's and in about 15 minutes the headlight had been fixed for a fraction of what the dealer was going to charge. Great service! Recommended highly."

Anonymous on 3/4/2013:
"Looked at all the reviews just this morning on Bert's Auto. With all the great reviews I decided to give my Toyota Corolla with very high miles one last try. It normally runs great but has been overheating. When it first started overheating I took it to another mechanic who replaced my fan switch. It took about 3 hours but he told me my car would still overheat and it would cost $1100 at least for more repairs that would take a week. My car is old and the miles are ridiculous so I've been searching online for a new used car regardless. Well, like I said, I decided to give my car one last try at Bert's. I called first. They said they'd look at it. They did even though they are a busy shop, took little time to fix and even showed me the culprit that was causing it to overheat. The cost was extremely fair and beyond reasonable with parts and labor. My car now runs great again (now I can take my time searching for a new used car) I highly recommend this place. They are a no nonsense shop. I'll be back for sure and will recommend to others. Thank you guys!"

Jennifer P. on 3/4/2013:
"My family has been coming to Bert's for more than 10 years. Over that time, we've owned a variety of makes and models, both foreign and domestic and we've never been disappointed in the service. Ron is straightforward, and the work always is done right the first time. His prices are competitive and well below dealer prices. I read the below statement, and while I don't live or work on the street where Bert's is located, I'm not sure what his comments have to do with the service Ron performs as an auto mechanic. Give Bert's a try. You won't go anywhere else again."

Mel C. on 3/4/2013:
"A friend recommended Ron to me. I own a BMW and was tired of dealer prices and high repair bills. Ron is a top-notch mechanic that knows what he's doing. He's straightforward and his prices are great."

Magea M. on 3/4/2013:
"I had some issues that could have been quite costly, had I taken my car into the dealership (obviously) or an unknown mechanic.
Very reasonable costs and high level service. They showed me the old parts what those parts do and how they fixed it. They even went above and beyond and took care of some maintenance issues that I didn't even ask about!

B from Santa Ana, ca on 3/4/2013:
"BERT'S FOREIGN AUTO SERVICE - GREAT PLACE. Today was my lucky day, I have a Mercedes and yesterday I had two messages one regarding tire pressure and the other for tail and brake light. I haven't had my car long so I was very frustrated. I originally was going to go to a dealer but decided to look on the internet and see if I could find a place close to work.. Well I saw's Bert's Auto, I came them a call and I got a very pleasant voice that say just bring it in, I immedicately felt very comforatable . On my lunch break I drove there. They looked to be very busy.. but one of the repair guys came to my car and assisted be right away. They checked my tire pressures , replace the bulb for the break like and may sure all messages were clear.. I waited a few minutes to find out my bill and Bert said it's ok.. no charge.. OMG, you never get that kind of customer service .. I was so thankful.. as a Women a small job to them was huge for me. I will definitely go back and recommend them to everyone. I have already started spreading the word. Don't let the appreance of the shop fool you. Great service is very thing and very much worth going back for."

John N. from North Tustin, ca on 3/4/2013:
"I Can't Say Enough Good Things About Bert's. I have had Mercedes Benzes for Twenty tyears. In that time I have used House of Imports, Fletcher Jones Five Star in Costa Mesa and Automax in Tustin for repairs. The one common denominator is that they were and I am sure still are ridiculously priced. A number years ago, I met Ron Jefferies when our sons played sports together. Ron mentioned to me his company, Bert's Foriegn Car service. At the time I was skeptical, because I thought that i would be better off with the dealer or a supposedly higher end service center. As one of my three E series got older I thought I would give Ron a try. Since that trial I have become a loyal client. Ron has fixed more things on my aging fleet than I can recall. He never minds if I just stop in when a engine warning light comes on. He has serviced my cars as well as if not better than anyone else could and has saved me thousands of dollars, I am not exaggerating that number. The reason why I post this today is because six hours ago my 2007 E350 had a shock absorber bracket crack and I could not continue to drive it. I called Ron who was closing up for the holidays told me to slowly drive the car over and when I got there intead of simply replacing the shock at great cost, he took the broken part and ingeniously welded the piece back into functional condition. Being aware of my strained financial circumstances due to the recession, he lterally granted this repair to me as a Christmas present and a thank you for my Loyalty to Bert's. You will never get that type of immediate service from other service providers, they would have taken days to get to the repair and would have charged me somewhere in the neighborhood of $600.00.

It is this type of time honored, humane, caring business practice that the profit first types just don't get. If you live in Tustin like me or anywhere in Orange County Please give Ron & his fine young right hand mechanic Junior a chance. I know you will be glad

Kim on 3/4/2013:
"Good Mechanic. He will take care of you"

B on 3/4/2013:
"QUALITY SERVICE. I own a BMW 528it (station wagon) and the rear hatch lift system failed. I called every local repair shop and all told me only a dealer could fix the problem at a cost of about $900+. Then a mechanic told me that when they can not figure out what is wrong with a car, they send it Ron at Berts Foreign car repair. My moment of discovery. So I called Ron and guess what - not only could he fix my hatch, and had done so on several other cars, but at less than half the dealer price. At last, a mechanic and not just a remove and replace wrench turner. That was last year. This year my car was leaking oil so I foolishly took it to the Goodyear dealer down the street. They told me they could not identify the source of the leak. Back to Berts and guess what - Ron identified the problem in about 5 minutes. As it turned out, my car needed a few other repairs. Now you might think that Ron was just up selling me. Not so!!! I reviewed each recommendation and broken part and all were very important repairs that no other shop mentioned. Now my car runs better than when I first purchased it."

S on 3/4/2013:
"A GREAT EXPERIENCE. I have a Mercedes and was driving on the freeway when it started to act funny. I didn't feel safe driving it and had it towed to the dealership. They gave me a quote. My friend told me to call Ron and I'm glad that I did. He saved me hundreds of dollars, drove to the dealership and picked it up and had it for me by the end of the day. With that said, I have a new mechanic. Thanks, Ron."

Ruben on 3/4/2013:
"crook, liar, and rude. this guy Ron replaces a broken ignition switch so now i have 2 different keys, 2 years later it breaks again and says he'll fix it at cost. charges me $126 and i see on his computer that it cost $88. he's says it's not his fault it broke again and tells me to shove off. I call the dealer and for $150 and the VIN#, i get my orginal key with the ignition switch! i'm back to one key and my ignition has worked fine ever since...about 4 years ago. now hw wants to charge my dad $450 to change the air flow meter, i fount the part new on e-bay for $75 including shipping, takes 10 seconds to switch out...crook. even the dealer sells it for $210."

R on 3/4/2013:
"Excellent Service. Bert is a pleasure to deal with, upfront and honest, works with you on prices - all around great experience."

B on 3/4/2013:
"Reply to: garage_sale200. The price for the 60K service at Honda Santa Ana is $289.95 with a coupon, the diagnostic charge for the check engine light is $95 and the diagnostic charge for the SRS light is $95. The tire rotation was in question regarding the condition of tires that showed dry-rot and it was expressed to you that the best tires should remain in the rear in case of a blowout. It is so important when you receive service from any facility that if you do have an issue regarding price or service, the only way you can receive that is by communicating to that facility you are working with. As you can see from the charges made that your total came to $192.33 for the 60K service and an additional $45 to test the SRS system and no charge whatsoever to check your check engine light and to clear the computer. Please call us if we can further assist you. It's been my pleasure to serve you. It may be helpful to you in the future that you discuss with the repair facility that you are trying to receive your service at a price that is less than the competition so that you can establish a price for services before a service is performed. If there was a problem that I accidentally backed over a brand new part that belonged to me and it interfered with your car?s drivability, I apologize and will correct the problem at no charge. If I was in an argument with my employee regarding the rotation of your tires, you don?t have to worry anymore ? my employee and I have made up."

R on 3/4/2013:
"Thank you Bert's Car Service =). Having moved here from another state (NY), I was thoroughly researching which car shop I'd like to have my car serviced. Initially, I had called in and spoke with Ron -- he gave me a clear breakdown of what the procedure will be, cost, etc. -- he was intelligent, upfront and very kind. I went in, and just like on the phone -- he was honest, etc. -- I choose to continue to work with him and appreciate all of his team's hard work. Thank you! JY"

G on 3/4/2013:
"I don't recommend it.. I saw this place was recommended on citysearch, so I thought I would save some money by getting my 60K tune-up here and not at the dealer. Not only was Ron more expensive, but the experience was disappointing. They did not do all the work I requested until I asked them again at checkout--I even gave them a checklist to follow. Ron actually ran my car over some parts laying around the floor. The technician and owner got into a visible argument about when/how to rotate my tires. And the tires were so misaligned after the rotation that I had to go somewhere else to get them adjusted!"

R on 3/4/2013:
"Great HONEST Repair Shop!. I was skeptical at first after reading all the reviews on CitySearch on how honest this place was, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Great honest service! Ron guides you step by step through the entire process and explains everything to you so that you know you're not getting ripped off. Service is very friendly and fast. Prices can't be beat! I would very highly recommended this place to anyone who needs service!"

Lundberg on 3/4/2013:
"Mechanic and Honest!. Most mechanics are not honest, especially with female customers. Ron at Bert's Foreign Auto is honest and has never sold me on any unnecessary repairs. I am grateful to my last next door neighbor for giving me Ron's contact information years back when my Ford "Exploder" had a cracked cylinder head. I have recommended Ron to several personal friends who have been equally pleased with Ron's service. Don't let Ron's dry sense of humor throw you, he's just a kidder."

S on 3/4/2013:
"BEST OF THE BEST - DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. I moved to Santa Ana a year ago and haven't been able to find a mechanic I trust. A friend recommended Ron to me. I won't go anywhere else again. He knows what he's doing and he'll go out of his way for you. The work is reliable and done right the first time. Give him a try. You won't be disappointed in the service or the prices."

Marie on 3/4/2013:
"Super friendly, trustworthy, great service. Bert's is the best. I got tired of paying dealer prices, and I"m so glad I found Berts. Ron always takes care of me right away, no waiting, no hassles, no runaround, no games. He does great work, at great prices and with great service. This is probably the most straightforward mechanic I have found to date."

P on 3/4/2013:
"Honest, reliable, and the work done right and on time. Prices beat any one in town.. I own a BMW and have taken my car to my dealer as well as other shops in the area. A friend recommended that I take my car to Bert's. I don't regret it. ROn, the owner, is honest about what needs to be done. HIs prices are right. ANd the work is done in a timely manner. I won't take my car anywhere again."

F on 3/4/2013:
"Berts is my one stop diagnostic specialist and repair shop. Excellent prices.. It is nice to have one place to go to for all of my car needs. I have a Lexus and a couple of BMW's and Berts has taken care of all of my car for years. It's my one stop service center and the job is done right the first time."

B on 3/4/2013:
"BEST SMALL REPAIR SHOP IN TOWN. For the past six years I've been taking my cars to Bert's. I own 3 BMW's and 2 Mercedes, and I won't take them anywhere else. Give the place a try. You won't be disappointed."

M on 3/4/2013:
"I won't take my car anywhere else!!!!. I have an older Mercedes and before I found Berts I was spending a fortune in repairs. This place knows what they're doing, they don't repair anything that doesn't need repaired, and there are never any hidden costs. The work is excellent and the prices better."

M on 3/4/2013:
"I won't take my car anywhere else!!!!. I have an older Mercedes and before I found Berts I was spending a fortune in repairs. This place knows what they're doing, they don't repair anything that doesn't need repaired, and there are never any hidden costs. The work is excellent and the prices better."

S on 3/4/2013:
"Good service and excellent prices. I own a BMW and was spending a fortune getting it repaired at the dealer. This place is great. Small shop, great service, fair prices and I can rely on the good work. I'll never take my car anywhere else."

A on 3/4/2013:
"Great price & service. Small shop, but great price and good customer service. Very efficient. I'm glad that I try it out. I would continue to go there for my car service."

Peters on 3/4/2013:
"HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WITH A CAR PROBLEM. I had problems with my Mercedes Benz E320 getting it smogged as it wouldn't pass, I brought it to Ron to be tested. He really went out of his way by first testing why it wouldn't pass. He didn't even charge me for testing it with his Mercedes diagnostic tool. When he found the problem, he gave me all the advice I needed to retest my car successfully after the repair. He even tested it before the retest to make sure it would pass. He and his staff are very attentive and really seem to care about the customer. I would highly recommend his shop to anyone with a car problem."

Happy S. from Santa Ana, whose Mercedes was in for an auto repair service, on 8/31/2012:
"It actually took longer to figure out how to leave this review than it did for me to decide to trust Ron with my car! I felt totally comfortable leaving my Mercedes in Ron's very neat and busy garage, especially after meeting Ron (which was a very positive and interesting experience in itself! Who would ever think a visit to a garage would be so enjoyable.) Ron called me with the work to be done, an approximation of costs, and then finished the work, explaining details when asked. The car now seems to be in great repair, and I have no hesitation in recommending Bert's Auto Repair. I will return in the future for any work needing to be done. Ron is truly an "advocate for cars"; neither you nor your car should miss Ron's one stop service and repair center."

Earl H. , whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 3/20/2012:
"Normally, I am super sketchy on who fixes my BMW. However, because of a busted transmission, and a quick Google search I located Ron's shop. After coming to the shop - Ron told me exactly what was wrong, as well as how much it would cost to fix the problem. A couple of days later – I got my car back with a new transmission and all brand new parts, most importantly I saved TONS of money. That being said, since Ron was honest, diligent and did not attempt to rip me off - He is now my official BMW mechanic... Thanks Ron.."

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